Prototype for a platformer inspired by 3D World.


WASD or Arrow Keys or Joystick- Move

L or Z or R1- Slow down/Crawl/Interact

K or X or gamepad 2- Attack

J or C or gamepad 0- Special Attack

Space or gamepad 3- Jump

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Beast World Prototype 33 MB
Beast World Prototype 27 MB


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Web-version: even at low quality there is too much delay between input and action to make the game playable.

I've been getting lag spikes instead of delay, but yeah the way this was optimized would need a total reworking for any more browser-playable versions in the future.

Hey, this seems like it'd be a really cool game!

Perhaps even with a story too. The prototype was very fun, glad I found this. I'm planning to get it when it fully comes out.

I'm glad you liked it. I'm working with a group now that's considering turning the prototype into a full game, but before that can happen we've got a lot of other projects to dig through. In the meantime, I'm working on another prototype that I hope you'll also look forward to.

noice, can't wait