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A game centered around succubi, created for the Lewd Jam. Gameplay involves kicking the other succubi away so you can reach the statue at the end of the level. Your HP is dictated by your clothing, and you regain some HP with every enemy kill. Also, your ability to fly is also dictated by your HP. If your HP is too low to move around freely then try to find some enemy succubi to steal HP from.

I included a debugging menu mainly for my own benefit, but feel free to play around with it. It's 2 levels and 1 boss fight long. You can use a joystick to play it, but you'll need a mouse for the debug menu.


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Tank Top Venus Mac Version.zip 18 MB
Tank Top Venus Windows Version.zip 15 MB


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Thought this was really cool, art style was great and the gameplay would be lots of fun after a bit of polish. <3 

Thought this game might be pretty interesting to try, but I'm noticing an issue in which it's always holding down/back, is there any way to fix this, or is this from a recent update.

That's strange, I haven't seen that issue before. The game hasn't been updated since I first posted it. I'm really not sure what would cause that. It could be an input-lock sort of thing, in which case try tapping on the down arrow and S keys multiple times while pausing and unpausing. If it's what I think it is, that should fix it.

Managed to fix the issue, as far as I can tell, there might have been conflicting inputs, not sure if it was from something I did before, or if that's just how it installed for some reason.

Deleted 126 days ago

I noticed it was a bit tame while making it, that was another reason I decided to keep the debug menu. Thanks for saying and for the video, it's real nice.

are you going to develop this game further or this is all?

I am considering developing it more later on. For now though I have other ideas I want to work on.