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Thought this was really cool, art style was great and the gameplay would be lots of fun after a bit of polish. <3 

Thought this game might be pretty interesting to try, but I'm noticing an issue in which it's always holding down/back, is there any way to fix this, or is this from a recent update.

That's strange, I haven't seen that issue before. The game hasn't been updated since I first posted it. I'm really not sure what would cause that. It could be an input-lock sort of thing, in which case try tapping on the down arrow and S keys multiple times while pausing and unpausing. If it's what I think it is, that should fix it.

Managed to fix the issue, as far as I can tell, there might have been conflicting inputs, not sure if it was from something I did before, or if that's just how it installed for some reason.


I think this might be the tamest of the LewdJam games which I tried, much appreciated. I love the rolling eyes animations and the player character's waiting animation is just lovely attention to detail!

I noticed it was a bit tame while making it, that was another reason I decided to keep the debug menu. Thanks for saying and for the video, it's real nice.

are you going to develop this game further or this is all?

I am considering developing it more later on. For now though I have other ideas I want to work on.