A downloadable game for Windows


WASD and Arrow Keys move

W and up arrow jump

Space uses the whip to pick things up

If you can't reach the vines, it's probably a bad aspect ratio. Play the web version, or try setting it to a 16:9 aspect ratio like 1280x600,1280x720, 1366x768, or 1600x900. Web version here.

The game is pretty glitchy and unfinished at this point, it's only a level long. We would like to return to finish it at a future time, but for now just be careful when dropping from vines.


Manager- Maakole

Programmer- Kino Rose

Artist- Pineappleskewer

Support- Omoroi

I've joined https://goatboatgames.itch.io and will be uploading most of my games through that account.


TimeTrigger.zip 11 MB

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